Επιστροφή σε Γενικές Ανακοινώσεις

ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΕΙΣ | 29.04.2022. 09:00:00

Calls towards Ukraine

We continue providing free international calls towards Ukraine. As of 1/5, the offer excludes calls to VODAFONE prefixes: 38050, 38066, 38095, 38099 that reduced charge will be applied: 0.23 €/minute from mobile and fixed. Negotiations with the provider are in progress so that the related charges cease. At the same time we continue the distribution of SIM cards to refugees in welcome hotspots and camps and mobile phones where needed. The SIM cards come with free voice and ample data to enable communications via online applications and avoid charges when you contact your loved ones. We stand in solidarity with all Ukrainian people at this worrying time.