Επιστροφή σε Γενικές Ανακοινώσεις

ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΕΙΣ | 10.06.2022. 09:00:00

Gradual 3G Network shutdown 10.06.2022

In the context of the upgrade of its mobile network, WIND and Q are proceeding with the gradual shutdown in a pilot phase in Zakynthos and Corfu on 12/07/2022. The spectrum that will be released from the 3G network shutdown will be used to further develop and extend capacity of 4G/ 4G+ and 5G networks in order to offer higher speed rates, faster responsiveness and overall better internet experience to Wind mobile postpaid and F2G & Q prepaid customers.

With 3G’s network shut down, internet access through Wind mobile network will now be only available through devices that support 4G/4G+ or 5G networks with U-SIM cards. Wind has taken care so that all Wind & Q subscribers who are still using an older technology SIM card, can replace their SIM card, immediately and free of charge at any Wind store. In the same places, they can also check if their handset (smartphone, tablet, etc) supports exclusively 3G services, and if they wish so, to replace it by selecting from a wide range of 4G/4G+ and 5G devices. It should be noted that the 2G network (with voice, text messaging and data services) will continue to operate, therefore subscribers with devices that support exclusively 2G will not be affected by this modification.

Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid Wind F2G / Q subscribers, who are using older technology devices that solely support 3G services and hence are affected by the shutdown of 3G network, have the right to terminate their contract without compensation, within two (2) months from the date of the 3G network shutdown (excluding any device or terminal equipment subsidy balances or any other subsidy/discount or offer in accordance with the pre-amended terms of the subscribers’ contract).

For further information, subscribers can visit a WIND store.